Enjoying Nature and Wildlife In Dallas, Texas

Everyone has the right to enjoy nature and wildlife in Dallas, Texas. With its expansive parks system, mild climate, and a wide variety of animals including over 300 bird species in the Central Business District, there are many unique things to do outside in Dallas.

Although Dallas is known for its urban landscape, outdoor activities are becoming increasingly popular among Texans because of the mild climate. In Dallas, people can enjoy outdoor activities all year round.

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People of all ages will find something fun to do in the great outdoors in Dallas - from children's programs and disc golf courses to fishing, hiking trails, and summer camps for babies and kids.

Among the parks and zoos to visit are  Lake Cliff Park, White Rock Lake Park, the Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden, Cedar Ridge Preserve Nature Center (the only preserve in the city), the Southwestern Exposition Livestock Show, and Rodeo (largest rodeo in Texas), and many more.

Lake Cliff Park was built in the mid 19th century. The park fell into disrepair until the 1980s when residents renewed interest. The renovation of the park made it possible for people to enjoy such activities as mountain biking, disc golfing, and flying kites.

White Rock Lake is a reservoir that serves as a center for outdoor recreation in Dallas. Recreational activities include canoeing, fishing, swimming, and a nine-hole golf course. The park is also home to the Texas Buckeye Trail, an 18 mile forested hiking trail that leads from White Rock Lake to Bachman Lake Park.

The Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden is a 50 acre botanical garden with exotic plants. There are fountains, butterflies, tranquil ponds, and the Bridge of Sighs spanning a lagoon. Visitors can enjoy concerts in an amphitheater and festive seasonal gardens where they can view Santa's village in winter and a butterfly garden in summer.

Cedar Ridge Preserve Nature Center is located at Cedar Ridge, one mile north of Highway 360 on Skillman Road. The nature center provides a place where people can get close to nature and learn about local plant life. The preserve is home to over 100 animal species, which include white-tailed deer, wild turkey, North American river otters, bobcats, foxes, rabbits, gray squirrels, and many reptiles.

The Southwestern Exposition Livestock Show and Rodeo began in 1895 as an annual event for livestock breeders to exhibit their best specimens. Since its inception, it has grown into one of the top livestock shows in Texas. The rodeo is known as "Texas' Greatest Outdoor Show" and features many events including calf roping, barrel racing, bull riding and more.

There are many other places for people to enjoy nature and wildlife in Dallas, Texas.

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