What is Body Countouring?

Making Body Contouring Dallas Work for You!

Body contouring is the surgical removal of a patient’s excess fat and skin to improve the appearance of their body. It can be performed for many reasons depending upon the individual. They include several procedures that target specific body areas, such as upper arms, thighs, abdomen, buttocks, and facial. Depending on your area of concern, a body contouring procedure may be applied to the stomach after weight loss, the neck or chin after massive weight loss (bariatric surgery), or in combination with liposuction for overall shape and tone.

Body contouring procedures are performed by plastic surgeons who specialize in this area of medicine. Body contouring can also help to alleviate the signs of aging. Patients often note several benefits from these procedures, including:

  • Improved contour and definition of the body
  • Reduction in waistline and other areas that were resistant to diet and exercise
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For many patients, a combination of treatments is recommended for optimal results. For example, liposuction may be used for defining the waistline. Then, a tummy tuck can bring the abdominal muscles back together and tighten the skin.

Who can benefit from a Body Contouring procedure in Dallas?

Individuals in good physical health and at a healthy weight (BMI less than 30) may be good candidates for the body contouring procedure. Patients should not smoke because it can affect their results, increase the risk of complications, prolong recovery time, and impede wound healing. It is essential to consult your plastic surgeon or dermatologist before deciding on this procedure.

How long does the treatment last?

Body contouring is a long-term solution, but it should be considered part of an overall lifestyle that promotes health and wellness. Patients are encouraged to maintain healthy eating habits and avoid unhealthy excesses in their daily lives to get the maximum benefit from these procedures.

The most significant benefit of these treatments is that they can fit into your lifestyle to take care of your needs and look and feel your best.

Tips for getting the best results from a Body Contouring treatment in Dallas

To get the best results from your body contouring treatment, you will need to maintain a healthy lifestyle. This means maintaining good posture and sleeping using a pillow that supports your neck. It would help to stretch any new scars daily until they fade and avoid smoking because this inhibits the healing process.

It is essential to eat a balanced diet and drink plenty of water throughout the day to keep yourself hydrated.

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