Chiropractic Conditions Treated

If you or a loved one is experiencing debilitating pain, it can affect your ability to keep to your daily schedule. Perhaps it was caused by a workplace or sports injury. Maybe you were in a jarring vehicular accident or experienced a painful slip and fall. Or perhaps you just got out of bed wrong, or the chronic pain has been with you for so long that you don’t even remember what caused it. At ChiroRehab of Texas, in Dallas, we understand your situation. We see patients every day who are in pain for a number of chiropractic disorders. Our compassionate chiropractors, Dr. Casey Lanier, and Dr. Paul Grindstaff, along with their dedicated staff, have brought a new pain-free life to many area residents. Here are some of the chiropractic conditions that have been diagnosed and successfully treated at ChiroRehab of Texas.


A Range of Chiropractic Conditions

The musculoskeletal structure is a complex system involving the spine and all of the ligaments, cartilage and soft tissue that work together to keep your skeletal structure working. In other words, there’s a lot that can go wrong when the musculoskeletal system and the brain communicate wrong. It’s little wonder that back and neck pain and discomfort felt throughout the body are so common.

Conditions we treat include:

Structural misalignment
Sports Injuries
Compressed spine
Repetitive use injuries
Degenerative disc disease
Herniated/Bulging disc
Weight gain
Sleeping disorders
We’ll diagnose the cause of your pain or discomfort and carefully explain your chiropractic treatment options and course of treatment.

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Schedule an appointment to see a dedicated ChiroRehab of Texas chiropractor. We’ll help you treat the pain in a non-invasive and drug-free way. As a new patient, you’ll receive your first consultation for free.

Call us at (214) 369-4777 to schedule your appointment to our clinic at 6711 West Northwest Highway in Dallas. We’ll also help you determine whether your insurance policy will cover your care and discuss your full range of payment options.

For your ultimate convenience, we even offer online patient history forms which you can fill out and submit in your own time at home rather than feel rushed to do the paperwork in our waiting room.

Regardless of the source of your musculoskeletal pain, a visit to ChiroRehab of Texas is your first step toward relieving the constant pain and discomfort and ending the stress of trying to live with it. We invite you to schedule an appointment today.

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