Personal Injury

Personal injury incidents often result in long-term discomfort or pain. If you experienced a slip and fall accident or became hurt in a car accident, seeking help from our chiropractor at ChiroRehab of Texas in Dallas is an option available to obtain relief. Here is a rundown of what you can expect from your first appointment at our practice to help you prepare for your session.

The Incident Will Be Discussed

Our chiropractor will want to learn more about the incident that caused your ailments to start. This may give our practitioner clues about the extent of your injury leading to the right treatment plan to use to remedy it effectively. If you had previously seen a physician or if you had spent time in a hospital because of your injury, bring along any documentation in your possession about your treatment for our chiropractor to evaluate. This way treatments already tried will not be repeated and alternatives can be used to provide you with needed relief.

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A Few Tests Are Conducted

Our chiropractor will want to check the range of motion and extent of discomfort you experience when performing specific tasks. If at any time you experience pain, alert our practitioner and cease the activity asked of you immediately. These tests consist of simple movements of the body, such as stretching for an allotted time period or lifting a specific item in a particular manner. Our chiropractor will monitor these activities and use the results to devise a treatment plan accordingly.

Treatment Will Begin

Our chiropractor will likely start treatment for your injury right away unless there is a reason to believe you require another visit from a family doctor because of extensive damage to the body. You will be asked to rest comfortably in a seated, standing, or lying position as our practitioner uses a series of movements along your spine to adjust it so it is in alignment with the rest of your body. These alignments are not harmful in any way and do not cause pain. Most people find they experience instant relief in affected areas of the body after an alignment is conducted.

Spinal adjustments are noninvasive in nature you will not require any medication to use along with the procedures our chiropractor provides. They will quickly reduce joint stress, allowing for healing of injured parts of the body. Most people require subsequent visits for additional alignments to heal the body in its entirety. Temperature therapy and massage may also be used to provide relief.

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