Common Questions About "Text Neck"

Common Questions about "Text Neck"

The term "text neck" was coined by a chiropractor to describe the repeated injuries and pain in the neck that come from excessive texting on hand-held devices. It causes neck pain among other symptoms. A chiropractor in Dallas, such as ChiroRehab of Texas, can help.

What Are the Symptoms of Text Neck?

The most common symptom of text neck is a pain in the neck, along with soreness and stiffness. Pain can be localized to one spot or diffused over the neck. It can be described as dull aching or sharp in some extreme cases.

Why Do You Get Neck Pain?

The reason for the neck pain is because of the change of the neck that occurs when you are in the position of looking down on your phone. When you tilt your head forward, you increase the gravitational pull on your neck and apply pressure to the delicate area of your spine. The force of this is about 60 pounds of extra weight.

How Can You Avoid the Neck Pain?

Prevention is important when it comes to the text neck. Avoid excessive usage of the phone or take breaks. Avoid staying in a static posture for too long. Keep the device in a position so it reduces the stress on the neck and upper body. Avoid holding heavy devices in one hand for a long time.

What Are Some Exercises to Help with Text Neck?

In order to help with some of the neck pain, be sure to roll your head gently from side to side. You can also press your head against your hands and then push your hands to the back to press backward and push forward.

Visiting Our Chiropractor for Text Neck

Text neck is a serious issue that can be helped with a visit to a chiropractor in Dallas. It may not necessarily be a quick fix in order to restore the curve in your neck and get you to be pain-free. The damage that has been done from hundreds of hours of keeping your head in the same position won’t necessarily be fixed in a matter of minutes. However, a chiropractor can work on the manipulations in order to fix the pain. Call ChiroRehab of Texas to schedule an appointment.

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