How Does Whiplash Affect the Rest of Your Body?

It hits you out of nowhere and without warning; it just sneaks up on you so easily. No time to brace for impact, as this injury will sneak up on you before you know what's happening-- even if it does not seem like a big deal at the moment, whiplash can be much worse than anticipated.

Just like anything else that can come unexpectedly, whiplash is something that we may never see coming because it will hit us in an instant. It occurs so quickly that we might not even realize what happened until afterwards-- sometimes people don't see the signs until they are long gone.

Whiplash is caused by various reasons but whatever it may have caused it, an important thing to do is to get yourself checked by a doctor or a chiropractor. Getting a proper diagnosis is vital so that the right type of treatment can also be implemented.

When this is experienced, it does not just affect the neck but could also affect the rest of the body.

What Causes Whiplash?

Whiplash is a word that encompasses the forceful impact of your head, often when you are in an accident. While it can be common to experience whiplash without any serious repercussions, this move can cause damage to the spine and neck ligaments.

This condition can be a consequence of different events such as contact sports, auto accidents or sudden braking, assault, fall, or physical abuse, and the like. There are others who might recover fast like for just a matter of a few weeks, but there are also some whose pain becomes persistent and lasts for months or years.

When you experience whiplash, be sure to constantly monitor for any other symptoms that result from it. This is especially so when the onset of symptoms began rapidly and are already intense as the pain could become chronic.

Symptoms of Whiplash

Worst results of this condition may happen due to some risk factors that include old age, if you already have pains in the neck or low back, if you have had a high speed injury, or if you had experienced having one in the past.

Aside from the feeling of pain in the neck area, do watch out for other symptoms that you may encounter in other parts of your body. Some symptoms that you may feel are extreme pain in the neck, limited or loss range of motion, pain spreading to the arms, stiffness, headache that usually begin at the base of the skull, pain that becomes worse every time you move your neck, tenderness in the upper arms or back or the shoulder. There can also be a feeling of fatigue, numbness, tingling, or dizziness.

If you experience whiplash most especially when it was due to a car accident, it is very essential that you visit your chiropractor even if you think or feel that you are okay. What usually happens following a car accident is that your adrenaline and endorphins would hinder you from feeling pain at that moment so you would think that you were unharmed and that there are no injuries.

Some other symptoms that you might encounter later on may be experiences such as irritability, blurred vision, depression, ringing in the ears, and memory problems. It can also be disturbances in your sleep, difficulty concentrating, or bladder and bowel concerns.

Whatever symptoms you experience, no matter how small or seem trivial to you, make sure to see your chiropractor so that your condition can be properly assessed. A trip to the chiropractor would ensure that you will get the most appropriate treatment and that there is no further damage to any part of your body.

How Does Whiplash Affect the Other Parts of the Body?

Most of us think that whiplash only affects the neck, but in reality, it can affect some other parts of the body as well, and in several different ways. Though pain caused by whiplash typically lasts for about a couple of weeks or months, there are instances when the discomfort and pain could last longer.

Also called neck strains, this condition is often treated with some home remedies such as putting ice on the affected area or taking some pain reliever or over- the- counter medicines to relieve the pain. Though these methods are usually effective, it is still best to consult your chiropractor for proper diagnosis and treatment.

Other parts of the body that could be injured because of whiplash include the nerves, soft tissues, and the spinal cord. Thus the reason to seek out medical advice or a visit to a chiropractor would certainly not hurt.

On your first visit with your chiropractor, you may be asked some questions such as how you got the injury, which part of your body feels the pain, and whether that pain is sharp, shooting, or dull. After the series of questions involving the pain, a physical examination will be performed.

This exam is necessary to assess your range of motion as well as to check which areas feel tender. In order to ensure that the pain is not leaked to another kind of condition such as arthritis, or that there is no further injury in other parts of the body, an X-Ray may be done or could also be an MRI or a CT scan.

These procedures are needed so that the doctor can check if there are other inflammations or damages in other parts like the spinal cord, nerves, or soft tissues. When diagnosis has been made, the right chiropractic treatment can be recommended.

To assist in recovery and to avoid straining the muscles, some relaxation methods or good posture may be suggested. Along with these treatments, chiropractic care may also be implemented. A physical therapist can help to alleviate neck pain through massage and other relaxing techniques while an electronic nerve stimulation treatment involves a gentle electric current which aids in easing the pain.

With the right chiropractic approach, pain experienced due to whiplash can be safely resolved. Also through a chiropractor, you will be sure that you will not experience further symptoms later on in the future.

People who experience whiplash usually fully recover in the period of three months. Do not hesitate to reach out to a chiropractor if you have this condition whether your symptoms are big or small. Call now to book an appointment.

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