Use Of Back Braces In Occupational Setting: Does It Prevent Injuries?

Majority of the people around the world experience back pain in their lives. While several causes of back pain came from injuries or disorders, shocking numbers of other cases range from bad posture and improper lifting, mostly in occupational jobs. 

The numbers of people using back braces to prevent injuries while performing their occupational tasks have dramatically increased. There are controversies relating to it, especially in maximizing the use of back braces in a different situation without testing the efficacy, specifically as an injury prevention mechanism. 

However, many people believe that back braces are the popular and new way to prevent back pain and improve one's posture. It can hold up your back in the best position it can be, avoiding any strain to happen while standing or even sitting. Back braces to some are perfect to wear while at work, exercising, and various other occupational tasks. 

Back Braces Used In Occupation Setting

The common use of back braces in a work setting is sometimes a nonprescription device. As expected, they believe that the component responsible for lumbar back support is this device. Yes, in some way, it can be a good option. This back brace circles the waist to cover the lumbar part of the spine. It uses soft canvas straps that fashionably suspend the belt, connecting in the back to form a 'Y' and vertically descended in the front before being attached to the back brace. Sometimes, they are also called 'abdominal belts.'

When To Consider A Back Brace

It is recommended to consult a doctor first before wearing a back brace. A doctor's assessment will help identify whether a back brace is beneficial to you or not. They know exactly what type of brace is needed in your condition and how it should be worn.

Back braces are only a part of a comprehensive treatment program being prescribed by a healthcare provider. It depends on the situation and must be according to the doctor's recommendation if you don't want more pain and injuries to happen.

Benefits Of Wearing A Back Brace

Are you considering wearing a back brace? Well, here are the important benefits you will experience. But it's vital to note that back braces are not meant to be worn most of the time, specifically not more than 2 hours daily. Excessive use of the device can usually lead to a weakening of your core and muscle atrophy.

  • Immobilization

The unnecessary movement could help avoid back pain, specifically if you had previous spinal surgery or back injury. In some situations, immobilization is vital for your back to heal properly.

It is the right time a back brace is needed. It prevents a person from doing major movements in the back area, including rotation, flexion, and extension. It's avoiding you to frequently use your back to its full potential, preventing further injuries from happening.

If you are utilizing a back brace to stop mobility, ensure that you purchase the correct type of back brace. There several types of it that offer more protection against mobility.

Supposedly your spine is in an upright position, your chest up, your shoulders back, and your core tucked in. But the real thing is, only a few can stand in this position. A lot of people still slouch over, curving, or bending their spine.

This not only results in severe back pain but bad posture as well. It causes the spinal column to become weak, which results in deformities sometimes. It is making you more prone to other injuries.

So what is the best way to make sure that your spine is in its healthy alignment and proportion? A back brace is a big help in forcing your spine to be straightened. You can wear the back brace if you notice that you already have bad posture issues. 

Back pain can interfere with a lot of aspects of your life. It can make exercising, working, and performing simple and usual daily functions unbearable. The pain ranges from mild to severe. Those that belong to mild cases may experience pain only with a slight inconvenience. Others suffering from severe back pain usually have a past injury or experience more severe symptoms.

For your back to fully heal, it has to limit the movement it creates. It is when a back brace becomes useful. It prevents you from making unnecessary movements that can lately damage your back. It helps spine alignment and even strengthens the muscles at your back. Back pain will decrease, and your back can heal after that. 

  • Easy To Wear Device

While you think you might need a back brace, you're worried about how to wear it properly. 

Good thing this device is easy to wear and surprisingly you can wear them under your best clothes. The reason is that it comes in a design that can be easily secured and not noticeable when used under your clothes. But there are correct ways when choosing a back brace.

The first thing to do is to wear the correct size of back brace suited for you. You need to do a little measurement of your back and the clothes' size as well. When a back brace completely covers the lower back portion and tailbone of your body, you will know you get the right size already. Make sure that it should not be too loose or too fit. 

Furthermore, here's how to properly use your back brace:

  1. Visit your doctor and talk to him regarding your need to use a back brace.
  2. Do not rely on the back brace alone because there are more other options to strengthen your spine and core muscles.
  3. Get the right size for proper comfort and support.
  4. Get your back brace through insurance because it's possible now for an insurance policy to cover it.
  5. Do not overuse your back brace and only follow the doctor's instructions about that.
  6. Take your time and do not speed up your recovery because it's a process you must take.
  • Treat Various Back Conditions

Back braces are not a complete cure, but they can definitely help manage the symptoms of different back pain conditions. These include:

Before considering backtracking options to treat particular back pain conditions, discuss everything first with your doctor. All back treatments are unique, and they may require varying levels of ailments. 

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